Any proposed public transit infrastructure should be thoroughly vetted to assess the degree to which it will meet the transit needs of the intended market. This is especially true when relevant costs reach the absurd levels of today's highly over priced market for public works.

Boston's proposed Green Line 'light' rail extension is estimated to cost over $1 billion for 4.24 miles of new service. This transit mode was initially dubbed 'light' on account of its lower infrastructure needs, lower speeds, lower capacities, and lower associated costs relative to that of 'heavy' rail transit. It is now clear that 'light' no longer applies to this last element.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Observing the process of a public works development from its inception is, frequently, like watching a calamity in slow motion on a movie screen.   No amount of foresight and warnings will prevent its occurrence.  Once again, all I can do is offer my observations and, with them, a course of action I think more prudent.

If you agree then take some action, i.e. two voices will get another, which will get another, which will get another.